Clean and natural colourant solutions for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

At ScotBio, we use biotechnology to reshape what’s possible. Revolutionising how we create all-natural food colourants and proteins to achieve a level of purity and consistency never seen before. Our unique, controlled indoor GMP production process ensures we can grow spirulina safely and consistently, every single day of the year. It means we can produce high-quality natural ingredients at almost any scale.


A different kind of blue

It started with ScotBio Blue. A natural blue food colourant made from spirulina. Unlike others, it’s produced inside. Giving a level of purity and consistency never seen before.


Pioneers of biotechnology

ScotBio is home to some of the world’s most innovative scientist and business analysts. We collaborate with academics and businesses. We share ideas and watch them grow.


Scalable, traceable, natural

Our custom production process guarantees natural, reliable products that consistently meet the highest standards. Discover what makes us different.


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