We have a singular goal.
To make natural ingredients available to everyone.


At ScotBio, we believe science is better when it’s useful. We’re a biotechnology company producing everyday all-natural ingredients and colourants – in innovative ways.  

From our unique food colourant ScotBio Blue – to our latest natural protein. We make our products from spirulina, meaning they are natural, healthy and traceable. And we’re only just beginning. We’re working every day to pioneer new ingredients, that are good for people and the planet.


Why we’re different

Our unique scalable process means we can meet the world’s demand. On demand.


Scalable production.

Our unique, controlled production method means that we’re able to scale our output to meet any demand. Anywhere in the world. There’s no job too big or too small.


Reliable output. Every time.

Unlike other producers who grow spirulina in outdoor ponds - our indoor production facility is protected from the elements and operates to GMP standards. It means we can guarantee the same high quality every time.


Natural. Traceable. Pure.

Our state-of-the-art GMP production facility ensures that we know exactly what goes into our products. So, our spirulina is not only all-natural - we can deliver a level of purity never seen before.


For health. For well-being. For everyone.

Toxin free, and full of anti-oxidants. Our ingredients aren’t just safe and natural, they’re good for you too.


Pioneers of biotech

Meet the people behind it all. Our team of business leaders and scientists are a powerful mix of innovators and entrepreneurs, eager to create high quality, marketable ingredients that are safe and natural.